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In 2021 we achieve our dream of winning Nationals in Saratoga. This year,  we will return to the site to contend for the worlds title. Follow us on our journey starting with our win in 2021 and training in January 2022. 




In the summer of 2021, after ten years of building, we achieved our dream of becoming national champions. We have grown from a small local community team, to world contenders but one thing has not changed: community is still at our heart. We are so proud of our team and we hope to bring home that world gold. We hope you come with us on this journey...


Training up 

The winter isn't always kind to us here on the east coast so sometimes we have to make new best friends. For us our best friend is the PERG and the Philadelphia Museum Steps. They drive us to keep coming together even when we can't get out on the water. Even when a global pandemic threatens to keep us apart. We keep up our camaraderie, our team spirit, our community, even when the snow is a few feet deep. 

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On To Winter

Winter Practice has begun and we are so excited to welcome friends both old and new. The training is intense, especially after two seasons of only semi-normality. But we are incredibly hyped to be back! Come join us on the Philadelphia Steps for conditioning and training, Spiderman and medusas. Let our legendary season begin. 


Team Selected! 

We have finally had our final erg test and we have selected our team! A good mix of our national members and some new faces we are excited to be sending this group to the world stage. 

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